Albert Heijn poetry

In collaboration with Angelica Falkeling

documentation by Nick Thomas

Performance consisting of the Albert Heijn poetry reading which we staged as a happening at the main grocery store chain in the Netherlands. Albert Heijn is more than just a grocery store. It is a lifestyle. It is a middle-class religion of constant accessibility. It is a dream come true, a quiet life, a family, a golden retriever in the comfy safe, a clean and well-functioning house in a quiet neighborhood, close to the central station. The idea for AH poetry came from the book we found in Iceland. It is a quotation and re-transplantation from Bonus Poetry, a poetry book written by an Icelandic author Andri Magnason in 1996. It was published by the Bónus discount food chain, the main grocery store in Iceland. The book looks exactly like the cheap food products of this shop. It is sold there near the cash register with other small products. This was highly inspiring to us and we felt the urge to try and bring this idea to a Dutch context.