Imagine Preference

Imagine Preference, 2013

Nothing Could Be Slow Enough, Nothing Last Too Long, an exhibition of works by graduating students of the Master of Fine Art, 2013, curated by Arnisa Zego, June 28 – August 25, 2013, at Tent, Rotterdam. With works by: Olivia Dunbar, Kevin Gallagher, Jasper Griepink, Jason Hendrik Hansma, Joakim Hallstrom, Anna Łuczak, Kym Ward and James Whittingham.

“When things are lost in translation, new things are created. The human mind recog­nizes patterns from fragments of language. Language is a part of us and also outside of us – it structures our existence and folds through things and through people. Sometimes the continu­ity between things is invisible to us and we only see fragments of the larger fabric. There have been periods in history when our tendency to fragment, to make discreet blocks of being, has broken down.”

Steve Rushton on Imgine Preference, Nothing Could Be Slow Enough, Nothing Last Too Long, exhibition catalogue

In this work, I was looking at the way in which the process of translation is performed, not only linguistically but also materially. I have gathered a collection of interviews with people who shared their views on language and its possibilities to convey a message. Porcelain sculptures were an exact translation from one material to the other. A textile dipped in a porcelain clay after the firing process becomes a hyper-realistic solid copy of what previ­ously was a textile piece.

Imagine Preference, 2013, mixed media installation, video with sound, loop, dur:15’48, porcelain, wood, plaster, canvas, lemons, plastic toys in various colors and sizes, screen shot from “Tess” by Roman Polański, 1979, inkjet print 160x90cm, reproduction of painting by Gorge Wright “Fox Hunting”, 1889 inkjet print, framed, 30x21cm, silver glass, framed etching of Andrzej Bobola by unknown author, lemon, dimensions: vari­able.TENT, Rotterdam, PL