Neither Touching Nor Funny

performance and video in collaboration with Olga Hohmann

Part of Point of no Return, a finisage of the exhibition by Sophie Schmidt, Luisa Koch and Olga Wiedenhoft, Kunstarkaden, Munich, 25th of January 2020

duration: 30 min,
documentation by Nikolai Guembel

Under the umbrella topic Deferred Feelings / Distorted Emotions, we have devoted ourselves to the question of what it means when one’s own desire is foreign to oneself – for example, because it is located within a social normativity that you believe to have overcome. In the process, we developed concepts that were even unknown to ourselves, such as the idea of “Accidental Queerness”.

In its capacity to repeatedly surprise even its authors, the video work and performance Neither Touching Nor Funny is thus above all one thing: a manifesto for contradiction. This is also supported by the narrator’s voice, which is difficult to localize because you never know who is speaking – is it one of the two female subjects who expresses herself? Or both of them? Is it their (false) desire? Or is it perhaps even the internet or another cultural machinery that is responsible for that desire?