Trust Speakers

Trust Speakers, solo at CSW U-jazdowski Castle, Warsaw. Curated by Romuald Demidenko, 07.05-28.06.2015

Multimedia installation based on the material rejected by the directors of the documentary film Pools voor Beginners, (Omroep Brabant, 2015) where I was hired to work as a translator and interviewer of Polish workers living in the workers hotel in North Brabant.

It’s a multilayered mash-up of times past and times present. In one sense, it all chimes and evokes many things you could say about the way speculative capitalism has been pulling bodies, nature, desires, and ambitions into its orbit, ever since tulips were all the rage. At the same time, however, the different elements receive their power to speak about realities fragmented by capital’s forces by virtue of the very fact that Łuczak dares to affirm them as they are: distinct fragments, bodies, pictures, words and things that end up at different places.”

Jan Verwoert, Dreams in Pieces, on the work of Anna Maria Łuczak, Trust Speakers, CCA Ujazdowski Castle, 2015,